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Welcome to Road to maturity! Feel free to visit our site.


Our mission is to help prevent bullying and also to spread the awareness of what are the effects of bullying in ones persons lives. It is also to lessen the suicidal rate in our country because of bullying.


Our vision is to have peace in our country and less so with bullying cases, so that more and more people are confident that no child will die from bullying.

This is a short film of how can bullying affects one’s well being.

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Nowadays, the rate of bullying cases is getting higher in our country. We made this website to educate people, that bullying is not a joke it may cause death of a person.  Although it is not experienced by many but some people almost lose themselves because of bullying. One of the reasons why we chose this advocacy is because we also experience it, whether physical or verbal. It is sad that it loses everyone’s appetite, as if your self-confidence is dropping and then you have no desire to go to school. As we notice it begins at home or in our family how our parents and the people around us are raised.


Our goal is to lessen the bullying cases in our environment… We were once bullied and was a bully, we’d like to make a change… Never do a wrong thing to make a friend or to keep one 😉

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What are the possible causes of being a bully?

Do you ever wonder what causes bullying? Hmm, I do too.A child can learn by observation so, the things that happen at home really make a difference. Based on our research (survey) the child can learn in the peer group, fraternities or any organization. Because often, other children stand around and give encouragement to those who bully.So, what about home? We all know that our first teacher was our parents. I am not saying that all parents are like this. But, some of them raise their child the not so right way… As a parent we share huge role of shaping our child’s development. So that means we have to think every moment of every day about what it is that we’re doing and what it is that we’re teaching by our behaviour.For example. You raised your child by shouting at them/him/her. We all know that a child is very observant so, when they go to school or go wherever they are. They automatically adopt what you’re behaviour is take shouting as an example. Later on, a child can be shouting at people– lack of respect to be exact. For our children, it’s as if we’re on stage and they’re the audience. They watch every move, they watch how we speak, how we treat people, what are we doing in our surroundings.

How does bullying affect a person? What is it to us? What are the effects of being bullied?

How does bullying affect a person? What is it to us? What are the effectsb of being bullied?How do you know if your child is being bullied and what can you do about it? Some of the signs that your child might be being bullied is that their behaviour change, they seem more sadder and has an eager to be alone, more angrier. They may have damage or loss to physical things.Often young children can’t express their emotion through words and so they express through physical symptoms. So young kids might frequently experience headaches, stomach ache, or nausea. When a child is being bullied we expect them to be depressed (let’s not let that happen). Because when you are being depressed you lose your appetite, you experience minor illness. You see– when your depressed it just means that your being to emotional and overthinking, your brain keeps telling you things that ain’t right. You thought of suiciding, bad things, hurting yourself. When your brain isn’t functioning that well your internal organs might be affected, you liver, heart, lungs, intestines.You’ll know when your child is being bullied is that when he/she is spacing out, like their minds might be off somewhere or they think too much.

bullying can lead to depression

A short film that shows that bullying can lead to depression.

A boy who was being bullied verbally and physically he didn’t know what to do until… Click here to watch our short film

We conducted a survey to gather information and their perspectives about bullying

here is the form we made. google forms:

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